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What are the top-notch things to do in Brussels?

Brussels, an eminent center of art

Visiting some worth seeing place during a work break or holidays not only boosts your mental health but also adds charm to your busy routine life. When you think of visiting such stunning places, you won’t be able to miss Brussels, one of the world’s top visiting places. It is the capital of Europe that’s why renowned for Gothic art and architecture, comic books, elegant parks, and waffles and chocolates. Here are mentioned some top-rated things you can do in Brussels.

13Crazy things to do in Brussels

Besides the things mentioned above, there are so many other things to entertain you in Brussels. Let’s have an overview of those interesting things:

1. Visit the plumbing Old England Building

Grand Place is one of the most captivating places situated in the center of the city. Its ancient design reminds us of the unique art of the 15th century. In addition to this, there is a dotted hall around the square (the main boundary of the building). The fascinating atmosphere of this place won’t let you leave without being wonderstruck.

2. Des Beaux-Arts

If you are looking to blue-chip art and want to enhance your artistic taste then the Des Beaux Art is the best choice of yours. The grand building with its splendid architectural design is an amalgamation of both ancient and modern outlook. Fall of Icarus and paintings by Antwerp painter Peter Rubens are an asset to this museum.

3. Marvel at the Atomium

Ha Atomium, oriented in the west of Heyse Park is an eye-opening model. It was first invented in 1958 to greet a new atomic age to Belgium. The nine spheres of the beautiful masterpiece show ironical crystal stretched 165 billion times. Due to its artistic structure, It is the landmark of Belgium’s Scientific and nuclear history alike.

4. Café Belga

One of the striking places needs to be visited at least once when you go to Belgium. Its shape is most fascinating (shaped like a boat). Due to this its nickname was a Pqueboat. Being a selling service platform especially famous for mint tea and speculoos cookies.

5. The Palais Royal

Constructed in the late 19th century, it was adjoined by majestic tombstones including the Triumphal Arch, Expo Halls, and the Bordiau Halls. In addition to this there is a series of lush green gardens famous for jogging, yoga, and entertaining for children.

6. Lace in the Costume Museum

The museum is a masterpiece of fashion history to groom up the textile industry of Brussels around the globe. It is a learning forum for both fashion students and those who want to be Masters of the museum is a masterpiece of the fashion history of Belgian creations comprising cloth brand and knitting. It is playing an important role in the textile history of Brussels. Moreover, it organizes exhibitions, Knitting, sewing, and clothing designs.

7. Admire Le Botanique

One of the magnificent buildings of the world and labeled as Belgium’s cultural heritage. It is the heart of Brussels and was built in the 1st half of the 19th century. Surrounded by dazzling laws Le Botanique is urban heaven for music lovers as well as nature lovers. Furthermore, it is the heritage of Belgium’s Botanic history.

8. Jeu de Ball Flea market

A large external market undergoes with all necessities and basic daily items. Furthermore, you can find anything from crockery to a well-oriented coffee table, from comic literature to classical artistry. Just visit numerous stalls that are placed there and you will surely find your required things.

9. Comic Strip murals

A vibrant color valley another vibrant visiting spot that has illuminated the streets of Brussels with its paintwork. It was a project started to decorate empty walls of the city to pay tribute to Belgian comic artist. All paintings along with visitors’ complete guild are labeled on walls.

10.  Epicerie

A golden opportunity for all food lovers. Amazing food menus cannot be overlooked over here. Apart from that, One interesting fact of this food villa is that the owner has to order the thing which he or she has purchased from the market that morning. Particularly delicious and tasty food items of this food court will sustain your appetite.

11.  A place to Justice

As an illustration, This Belgian court designed by Joseph Poelaert. It is one of the largest masterpieces of 19th-century artwork. A masterpiece of classical architecture reflects the internal beauty of the building more than external. It provides free entrance for all visitors.

12. Cartoon Walk

The comic taste of Brussels can be examined through giant walls of the city that are covered with different cartoon characters. Proof of this all wall paintings from Le Chat to the cartons of Bear Patrol and Odilon depict the true aesthetic taste of Belgian art.

13. Reach out the foremost sunset scene

Generally, Nature always appeals to human instincts. Brussels offers many eye holding sceneries to watch the sunset such as Poleaert and Mont des Arts are free available Visitors can find easy access to observe the magical site.

On the whole, it was all about what to do in Brussels, How you can enjoy an amazing trip to Brussels to utilize your summer break or other holidays.


  • How does doe Brussels look like in August and September?

August is a pleasant month so it is the best time to visit Brussels. Temperature is pleasing at Beaches, parks and all other public places to be enjoyed fully. The normal temperature rises to 22C and lowers to 11C.

  • What is Brussels best known for?

It is the biggest city in Europe and the capital of Belgium. All Belgian Art including ancient architecture, comic art, food streets, and shopping malls are mainstream of this industrial city. Besides deeply rooted in its history it is enriched with art and culture.

  • Is Brussels cheap to visit?

Brussels is expensive because it is the center of all Belgian art and industry and comprised a huge portion of business class people.

To Sum Up, Brussels is the best-visiting spot in Europe to let you enjoy the fascinating and captivating places all with their natural orientation as well as caved with ancient Gothic Art. The entire top experienced place mentioned above is a complete guide that you can do in Brussels and how you can spend your vacation in a convenient way.