La Verga Island


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La Verga Island, Granada, Canaria | Unveiling a Captivating Destination

La Verga Island Perform you know what the Canary Islands are? Does you recognise that it belongs to Spain? Do you know that it is truly on the continent of Africa even though it is a part of Spain? Many residents, both locals and foreigners, may ponder if those in the “outside world” would be able to respond “yes” to the issues raised above. In all honesty, I would have said The word “no to each of these concerns a few years ago. (Admittedly, even though I probably view a globe map more frequently than average individuals, I didn’t know the Canary Islands were even in Africa until I moved here three months ago.) 

Whatever drew me to Gran Canaria and the Canary Islands as a whole is the inquiry that both locals and foreigners ask me. I visited the island for a variety of reasons, included

A humorous Proverb La Verga Island

A humorous Latin proverb, “Vete a La Verga,” or “Go to hell,” that many parents use to chastise their kids or anybody who is displeased with them. Unexpectedly, “La Verga” in Gran Canaria has a lovely beach, so when I learned this, I knew I had to FINALLY obey my parents and visit “La Verga.”  I ought to have listened to my parents sooner since this place was really stunning. (In my snarky cheeky voice.

At this stage of the game, my trips allow me to reach destinations using even seemingly little items like the one listed above. Following all, it is what makes being a nomad so wonderful.

I have several acquaintances in this area, and some of my family members and Guatemala still call Tenerife, one of the other Canary Islands, home.

Exactly What Might One Anticipate On This Island?

It’s an outstanding controversy, and I’m happy to personally respond to it for you. Although the Canary Islands are not quite in Europe, they attempt to feel like it, or at least they do somewhat (making them a nice destination to gradually reacclimate to the European vibe). Even though it is a part of Spain, it doesn’t exactly feel like Spain, and despite being in Africa, it hardly feels like Africa. To put it simply, Gran Canaria is home to a small but diverse collection of species, including trees like palms and cacti that coexist peacefully. 

Unbelievable Several Beaches, Sporting Events, Purchasing Goods

I understand! It’s amazing and unusual how rapidly local plant and animal life and environments may alter just by moving quite a ways or at various times of the day. One that I’ve never had. If you really want to calm relax and decompress while still having access to several beaches, sporting events, purchasing goods, etc., this is the place to go. This little island genuinely has everything. 

When I said before, having relatives on Gran Canaria formed one of the factors that led me to travel there. You may wonder who these wonderful pals are. The Paesanis are an Italian family that moved to the island from Italy. I first met the family five years ago when visiting Rome and taking an Italian cooking lesson with Cecilia, the matriarch of the family. Eatwith is a well-known website that arranges dining experiences with local hosts across the world.

Underwhelming Gran Canaria

I kept in touch with the Paesanis’ son, Bruno, after a wonderful Eatwith meal with them. After the kid went to Gran Canaria and his parents moved here after the father retired, they became expats. They all deserve credit, but Bruno in particular, for making this trip to Gran Canaria so pleasurable. They enabled me to see this island differently and visit areas. We never would have gone, such “Loma 2” in the town of Arguineguin, also known as the “Beverly Hills” of Gran Canaria. Underwhelming? Maybe, although my pals had warned me. However, “Beverly Hills” were quirky and endearing and once more demonstrated what makes Gran Canaria so varied. Utilise the information below as your own insider tour of Treasure Island and see the other things my pals got me into. 


  • The most enjoyable times to visit Canary Island are from September to December when the island’s conditions are a little more consistent and agreeable. 
  • Despite how small this island is, it is strongly advised to pack a few clothing for rainy and chilly days as the weather does vary from place to place or hour to hour.



I would definitely recommend hiring a car over a few days for those who aren’t fortunate as I was to have friends who were ready to show me about. You can explore the island’s northern region on one day and its southern region on the next day. (Tip: Renting a vehicle at the airport is far less expensive than doing it in the city.


The metropolitan area is rather tiny, so walking is a highly viable option if you want to explore it. 

The transportation firm Fred Olsen Express offers express ferries to the other Canary Islands’ islands as well as other coastal cities in

The public transportation system can transport you quickly throughout the city and to other parts of the island, but if you are travelling outside of the city, make sure to check timetables for your return trip because taxis will be very expensive if that you miss the final bus that comes back in. 


Residents communicate Spanish because the island remains a part of Spain, however I noted that they talk rather quickly and utilise phrases that are unique to Canaries while referring to things in Spanish. The good news for a person that doesn’t speak Spanish is that there are many expatriates living here, so it’s simple to locate another who does. 

Things Is Good For You And When

El Cameleon is a favourite among residents and offers inexpensive beverages in a relaxed atmosphere. The manager is undoubtedly a kind guy who will make sure that you don’t make too much noise, particularly out. 

Flamingo, The Gran Canaria club is the one for you if you’re seeking for an LGBT-friendly establishment. This location would have been continuously sprinkling flowery scents around the club since I have never gone to a club with a greater odour.

Enjoy Churros And Hot Chocolate | Go To La Churrera Or Madrilena

Ooo, tasty “Bocadillo’s,” or small sandwiches, with a selection of shellfish. The location is excellent because it is on the beach walk and is a fantastic spot to see surfers.

Tapas-style pintxos are served for supper every night of the workweek at the Peruvian establishment La Tasca De Los Vinos. 

Visit Café Regina to get your fill of real Colombian coffee. Thanks to my Italian friends and this location, Gran Canaria treated me to a lot of coffee. 

Burgers are the speciality of 200 Gramos. I definitely recommend the veggie burger, which I tried. 

Allende, too, despite bad communication with clients or the possibility that our waiter had consumed too much alcohol, the food was excellent.


Many foreigners from many countries reside in Gran Canaria. Plenty, notably those from Central and South America, Germany, and Italy, have started to call this place home. Both natives and foreigners impressed me with their warmth and friendliness. 


While organising my trip to Gran Canaria, I used this page as a supplement to the Paesani family’s suggestions for locations and advice. 


The centralised location of Lua Lua Hostel, that’s a member of the “Hostel International” hostel chain and is adjacent to “Las Canteras” beach, makes it easy to access several restaurants, cafés, pubs and modes of transportation for getting around the island. The modest hostel features a charming, spotless rooftop where there are regular jam sessions. It was undoubtedly the ideal spot for me to call home while I was on the island.


  • The white homes that line the water at Mogan’s port will make you feel as though you’ve been transported to Santorini in Greece or are reminded of Santorini, which makes for a . .
  • Wonderful day excursion. Lunch may be had here or you can unwind on the little beach next to the harbour. 
  • Even if the lovely white sand was delivered and spread out on a cement surface, the man-made Playa De Amadores beach is still worth visiting and enjoying. 
  • La Verga is a lovely beach location with lots of restaurants and stores around, as well as an artificial heart-shaped island directly on the sand. (If you’re Latino, you could have heard someone tell you to visit this place while they were
  • Those dunes of sand in Maspalomas are most likely your closest reminder that you are on the African continent. Enter via “Playa Del Ingles” to be mesmerised by the sight of a beach and sand dunes at the same location.
  • Featuring its beaches, natural swimming holes, and mountains, Ageate, a little port town in the north of Gran Canaria, will keep you entertained. If you enjoy trekking, this area is where you’ll find “Risco Faneque,” the seventh-highest cliff in the world.
  • Vegueta, the cobblestone street section of Las Palmas’s ancient town. Christopher Columbus actually stop here on his route to the Americas, and his house has been converted into a museum (which I don’t like to honour).