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The Ultimate Secret Of POTBELLY MENU | 9 Best Items

Potbelly menu Pricing List For Potbelly (Revised March 2023). Did you know that Potbelly wraps their sandwiches in a manner reminiscent of a butterfly’s cocoon? You must review their most recent updated menu, which I will share with you, if you want to try out their enticing foods.

Although Potbelly is most known for their decadent sandwiches, they also offer a variety of other delectable items, including salads, select your own, mac & soups, sides & chips, desserts & shakes, and beverages. A-wreck, turkey club, and Mediterranean chicken are a few of their well-known sandwiches, all of which cost approximately $10.

The whole menu is listed below; this was only an overview of it. But I’ll share more with you in this piece than just the Potbelly menu. Moreover, I’ll provide you with the Potbelly menu’s nutritional analysis, contact information, and information about franchising. Before learning all of this, let’s look at Potbelly’s past. Bryant Keil established the American restaurant brand Potbelly on January 14, 1977. In Chicago, Potbelly’s first location debuted. Yet, Potbelly did not begin as a food business.

Featured Potbelly Menu

The best decision for you should be to get sandwiches if you’re visiting Potbelly. They provide a wide variety of sandwiches, including as BLTs, turkey sandwiches, grilled chicken, A wreck®, Mediterranean, meatball, and vegetarian. The best part is that you may make your order uniquely yours by selecting originals, flats, and bigs.

Nevertheless, if sandwiches aren’t your thing, don’t worry; they also offer other delectable and healthful alternatives for you. Salads and macs & soups can be ordered. They cover many different styles, such as farmhouse, Mediterranean, chicken pot pie soup, broccoli cheddar, and many more.

If you want anything extra to go with your meal, you may also purchase their sides and chips, like Zapp’s standard chips, Zapp’s hotter ‘n hot jalapeo chips, sun chips harvest cheddar, and more.

Have desserts, shakes, and beverages such muesli chocolate chip cookies, oreo cookie smoothies, diet cokes, IBC root beers, and more after your meal. The majority of the dishes on the Potbelly menu range in price from $3 to $9, making its pricing quite affordable. So without further ado, let’s look at the most recent Potbelly menu and prices.

9 Best Potbelly Sandwich Shop Menu Items

In every state in the United States, sandwich shops are simple to locate. Everyone enjoys sandwiches, but not all establishments can make mouthwatering ones with fresh ingredients. One of the greatest locations to get a big, expertly made sandwich is Potbelly Sandwich Shop.

I sampled nine of the greatest sandwiches on the Potbelly Sandwich Shop menu so I could let you know which ones I thought were the best. Anyone can find something on Potbelly’s extensive menu, which features anything from hearty soups and salads to beloved meat-lovers’ dishes to vegetarian sandwich alternatives. Sandwich aficionados, like myself, are their most grateful clients, since they carefully slice their meats and veggies to create sandwiches that are gently toasted and as tasty as possible.

The top nine items on the menu at Potbelly Sandwich Shop

If you’ve never visited a Potbelly Sandwich Shop or you frequently purchase the same sandwich, allow me to expand your horizons with these fantastic choices. Here are my top nine picks from PotBelly.

1. A Mishap

Although a Wreck may not sound like a particularly tasty sandwich, it is one of Potbelly’s most well-liked sandwiches and has an almost cult-like following. The sandwich is made with turkey breast, hickory-smoked ham, Angus roast beef, salami and Swiss cheese inside of an Italian sub bread.

The sandwich is toasted by Potbelly, which causes the cheese to melt over. The meat and makes the bread just the right amount of crispy. To add some freshness to this meaty monster, I highly suggest adding some hot pickles, tomatoes, and lettuce to the sandwich. If you’re hungry, there’s no way you can finish this enormous sandwich and still have room in your stomach.

2. Sandwich from the Middle East

Unexpectedly fantastic is Potbelly’s Mediterranean sandwich. It had a powerful and deep flavour, contrary to my expectations that it would be quite bland and vegetable-heavy. Grilled chicken, feta cheese, sautéed artichoke hearts, roasted red peppers, garlic hummus, and cucumbers are all included in the sandwich.

Everything meshes so well together to create something that is both enjoyable and rewarding. If the chicken is removed, it is readily vegetarian, making it a great choice for everyone. The sandwich’s high salt content was what caught me off guard the most. It wasn’t very salty, but I was hoping for a more subdued flavour; the Mediterranean sandwich has a really strong flavour.

3. Club for Grilled Chicken

You’re looking for something tasty and straightforward. Then try the Grilled Chicken Sub from Potbelly. Applewood smoked bacon, melted cheddar cheese, and all-natural grilled chicken are included in the sandwich. Every hunger for a sandwich may be satiated by this straightforward yet timeless taste combination. Well cooked, tender chicken with a sear on the exterior. Some sandwich shops don’t do well with grilled meat because they concentrate on deli meats, but Potbelly doesn’t skimp on its offerings.

You may thus anticipate juicy, freshly grilled chicken topped with gooey cheese on a toasted bread. If you enjoy a little spice, I suggest spicing up the sandwich by adding some pickled jalapenos.

4. Melted pizza

With their Pizza Melt sandwich, Potbelly has elevated the idea of a meatball sub to a whole amazing level. And although I would never disparage the traditional meatball sub, this sandwich comes close. It features Italian seasoning, pepperoni, crumbled meatballs, old-school salty capicola, marinara sauce, melted provolone, and sautéed mushrooms.

This sandwich has all the Italian flavours you could ever want. Moreover, it may be made vegetarian. Meat lovers, rejoice! The Pizza Melt is a warm and comforting sandwich that combines the flavour of fresh marinara with the meaty flavour of meatballs and capicola.

5. Sandwich made with turkey

The Turkey Breast Sandwich at Potbelly is a great and light option if you’re looking for something straightforward with fresh ingredients. Freshly cut turkey breast and chilled swiss cheese are the only ingredients included. This sandwich isn’t typically toasted, but if you request it, they will toast it and melt the cheese.

Using cold deli meat and cheese, I attempted it exactly as written. To add some additional moisture, I did, however, add some pickles and tomatoes, and I was ecstatic with the outcome. It tastes fantastic on a whole wheat submarine bread because it unifies the flavour of the entire sandwich and gives it an earthy but tangy flavour.


Guys, this is without a doubt my best sandwich that I have ever had. The Potbelly’s BLTA sandwich is nirvana, however all the sandwiches are fantastic. I adore the traditional BLT sandwich. People often overlook the fact that bacon is a flavorful meat that can stand on its own in a sandwich. Nevertheless, Potbelly improves this delicious classic by adding some thinly sliced avocado.

The avocado gives the sandwich a great amount of texture and heft that helps it hold up to the thick submarine roll. Being a BLT enthusiast, I am aware that ordering some swiss cheese on my BLTA is somewhat sacrilegious, but I definitely suggest it. It enhances the sandwich’s gentle creaminess and sweetness, making it even better.

7. Dynamic Salad

It’s okay if you’re not in the mood for a sandwich since Potbelly also provides other options that are just as mouthwatering and well prepared as their sandwiches. Potbelly’s salads, especially their enormous Powerhouse Salad, won’t ever make you hungry, just like their sandwiches. This salad has grilled chicken breast that is all-natural, fresh avocado slices, hummus, a hard-boiled egg, cucumber, and tomatoes.

It is served with non-fat vinaigrette drizzled on top or, if you’re like me, on the side, over a bed of field greens. Because it is zesty and gives the leafy greens a distinctive texture, I believe the hummus truly makes the salad.

8. Cheddar-Broccoli Soup

The broccoli cheddar soup that Potbelly serves is one of my favourites. A creamy, extra-cheesy cup of soup with soft chunks of broccoli and carrots for texture is offered as a menu item. The soup has a warm, soothing, salty, and creamy flavour that is ideal for a cool fall day or rainy day.

You are given crackers to add to the soup, but I don’t think you really need to. The only thing I have against this excellent soup is that Potbelly only sells it in cups rather than huge bowls. If you enjoy the popular Panera Bread broccoli cheddar soup, you’ll enjoy the Potbelly version just as much.

9. Meatless Melt

With their delectable Vegetable Melt, Potbelly has you covered if you’re a vegetarian or just love vegetables. If you believed the flavour of the vegetarian sandwich to be delicate, light, and energising, you were mistaken.