Mexican candy shot


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Mexican candy shot

Mexican candy shot you’ve come to the perfect blog if you’re desperate for a cool drink with a great shot during the sweltering summer months. The Mexican Candy shot with Chamoy was a gratifying experience, and I’ve described it here.

It is strongly advised to try a Mexican Candy shot with Chamoy if you wish to sip on the ideal brew of fruit juice, chamoy sauce, and a blend of sweet and sour herbs. It’s so quick, easy, and well-known in Mexico as a strong cocktail. The shot is strongly flavoured and delicious thanks to this cocktail’s little amount of tequila. Therefore, you can easily make it at home using the fruit flavour and ingredients of your choice. Skip the tequila and use Chamoy instead if you like a more delicate flavour.

Mexican Candy Shot and Spanish Candy Shot

Who exactly created the Mexican Candy Shot in Mexico for the first time is still a mystery, but it is now renowned for its flavour combinations. Basically, it’s a refreshing fruit juice drink with chamoy candy and chilli powder added.

Mexican Candy Shots Chamoy Recipe

Various types of fresh fruit juice or juicy-flavor can be used to make the Mexican Candy shot with Chamoy. Depending on the flavour you wish to create, you can also use the juices of mango, watermelon, roseberry, strawberry, or guava. Each shot will have a name based on its unique flavour. My mouth always floods when I take the Mexican Candy shot with mango Chamoy and mango juice. I’ll thus provide the steps below so you may prepare it at home with ease.


one cup of mango juice or mango-flavored Jumex

1/2 cup tequila

fruit chamoy

2 teaspoons of Lucas mango-flavored baby powder

Muecas chilli powder, 1 teaspoon

Citrus juice

lime slices as a garnish

Sweetening agent/sugar




A dish


Get everything you need: Get everyone else and the ingredients. Make mango juice right away in a blender at home if you wish to. If not, using Jumex mango flavour is simpler because it is more accessible to purchase. Additionally, you can omit it if tequila is not available nearby. The shot is primarily mixed with tequila to create a strong flavour, however it is optional. However, you can’t deny the strong flavour of Chamoy sauce or candy.

Distribute chamoy and dry powders on the plates: Take a plate and combine 2 teaspoons of Lucas baby powder and 1 teaspoon of Muecas chilli powder. The glass’s edge must be coated. Pour some sauce onto a different plate and take it. Spread apart.

Take your shotglass and dip the top edge of the glass into the Chamoy sauce over the platter. 2 teaspoons of lime juice should be used to massage the glass’s edge.

Cover the glass edge with dry powders: Next, rotate the borders with spreading particles and reapply the combination deeply along the glass’s margin line. Now put the glass aside.

Add some ice cubes to a different glass: Grab a different glass and add some ice cubes to it. Avoid the cold beverages if you don’t want to. However, you also get a few beverages in cold flavour.

Pour tequila into the shot glass in moderation: Tequila must be poured into the shot glass in moderation. I advise you to keep the juice to tequila ratio at 2:1 as the proportionate quantity.

Pour the mango juice. Into the remaining area of the glass together with the other ingredients in this step. Depending on your preference, add some sugar, salt, and lime juice. Once everything has become a thick liquid shot, shake the mixture in a cocktail shaker or continue to stir it.

Now that it is prepared, serve it into a shot glass. Pick up the shot glass you placed aside. Fill the glass with Chamoy sauce. Pour the beverage straight into the shot glass. Add an orange wedges and a mango candy pop to it. Join your friends and gangs in celebrating the Mexican Candy Shot Recipe with Chamoy right now.

Benefits include:

Since it is a fruit-based light drink, the advantages you receive are chock-full of vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients.

You may obtain the most amount of freshness on your hot days with this shot.

You get abruptly energised and active when you taste flavours that are cooling, sweet, and tart. Its acidic and hot exterior will whet your hunger.

Can we do without tequila and sugar?

Yes, you may use pure honey or simple syrup for the addition of sugar and tequila.

The ideal fruit juice for a Mexican Candy Shot?

The greatest Mexican Candy Shot is the combination of mango and watermelon. It’s also nice to replace strawberry juice.

Nutrition facts:
Protein 1g
Calories 32-36cal
Fat 1g
Carbs 2g
Sugar 2g
Fiber 1g
Vitamin C 2-3mg
Iron 1-2mg
Mexican mango lollipop candy shot: queries

Describe the tamarind.

A tamarind tree produces tamarind as a fruit pod (legume). The tree is commonly grown in India and is native to north Africa and Asia.

The pods contain a thick, sticky dark brown pulp that is often turned into paste, juice, or concentrate.

A ripe tamarind has a somewhat sweet and tart flavour. Tamarind contains tartaric acid, which is also present in other popular fruits and adds to their sourness.

Within the world, the tamarind is used in a wide variety of dishes, including pickles, chutneys, curries, and pad thai. Worcestershire sauce and a variety of beverages also include it.

Tamarind vodka: what is it?

Smirnoff produces tamarind-flavored vodka under the brand name Tamarind. It tastes fantastic when mixed into mango or watermelon juice. Additionally, it tastes great when added to Bloody Marys, lime and sodas, and Moscow Mules. It has a hint of sweetness and is somewhat sour, hot, and spicy.

Can I use watermelon in place of the mango in this recipe?

Yep! Mango juice can be substituted with fresh watermelon juice. Even better when garnished with a piece of watermelon fruit, it tastes great as a watermelon shot. In fact, you can make this shot using a wide selection of fruit juices, including guava, pineapple, apricot, and orange.

What additional variant of a candy shot are there in Mexico?

Watermelon juice, silver tequila, and spicy sauce (like Tabasco sauce) are common additions to a Mexican candy cocktail. A terrific drink, in my opinion, has roughly 4-5 oz of watermelon juice, 2 oz of tequila, and a few dashes of spicy sauce. Hot sauce gives food a little kick, which I adore. Oh, and add a lime slice as a garnish.

You may use watermelon schnapps or watermelon pucker in place of the watermelon juice for a shot that is sourer. For a sweet, sour, and moderately spicy tequila shot, combine 1/2 oz. silver tequila with 1 oz. watermelon pucker and a dash or two of hot sauce.


Use Chamoy to make the Mexican Candy Shot as I described above. You can avoid the treatment of sore throat and heart problems by maintaining the ideal ratio of juice and tequila. So, stop consuming unhealthy, toxic shots at bars. Construct a Mexican Candy Shot using Chamoy instead, a nutritious beverage, and celebrate with companions.