Downtown Puerto Vallarta


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A Guide to The Best of Downtown Puerto Vallarta

“Downtown Puerto Vallarta” Famous tourist hotspot Puerto Vallarta is situated on Mexico’s Pacific coast. Dubrovnik is renowned for its stunning beaches, exciting nightlife, and extensive cultural history. The centre of the city, downtown Puerto Vallarta, is where you’ll find most of the city’s stores, eateries, and attractions. We will examine if downtown Puerto Vallarta is a pleasant area to visit in this post, taking into account elements like security, cleanliness, and environment.

Safety is one of the main concerns for every traveller, and tourists are typically thought to feel comfortable in downtown Puerto Vallarta. The city has a sizable police presence, and the central business district is beautifully illuminated and popular with both locals and visitors. To prevent being a victim of crime, it is crucial to be aware of your surroundings and take the appropriate safety measures, just as in any well-known tourist location.

Cleanliness Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Cleaning is a crucial thing to take into account. The majority of downtown Puerto Vallarta is kept up, with regular street cleaning and rubbish collection. However, during the busiest travel season, the city may get quite congested, which might lead to more trash and garbage. However, in general, tourists may anticipate a fairly managed and tidy downtown area.


The overall atmosphere of the neighbourhood is maybe the most crucial aspect in evaluating if downtown Puerto Vallarta is a pleasant location to visit. There are several stores, eateries, and sights to discover in the historic centre of Puerto Vallarta. There is always something going on, whether it is a street performance or a cultural event, and the streets are lined with vibrant architecture.

Attractions Downtown Puerto Vallarta

In addition to the Malecon promenade, which spans along the coastline and has several sculptures and other works of art, downtown Puerto Vallarta is home to many more well-known attractions. Visitors may also stroll around the city’s historic district, which is full with stunning structures and memorials. Another well-liked destination close by that provides a calm retreat from the hubbub of downtown is the island of Rio Cuale.


Metropolitan Puerto Vallarta offers a wide variety of lodging choices, from pricey hostels to opulent hotels. Beautiful views of the beach and the neighbouring mountains can be found from several of the area’s hotels. A more relaxed and artistic ambiance is available in surrounding neighbourhoods like the Romantic Zone, where guests can opt to stay.

Check out the Malecon

The Malecon, which stretches for approximately a mile beside the ocean, is home to amazing street sellers, delectable cuisine, and a famous collection of monuments. The collection has grown steadily since the 1980s, demonstrating Puerto Vallarta’s appreciation of the arts and creative expression.

There are some that feature legendary animals, some that are more realistic in form, and others that are built of ladders and chairs and invite interaction from the observer. Join a walking tour led by a local guide or go through one of the nearby museums to have a deeper understanding of the background and significance of each.

Attempt the restaurants in Downtown Puerto Vallarta

Burton’s character, Richard, travelled to the area for his initial time in 1963 when the renowned movie Night of the Iguana was filmed there. After falling in in love with the city, Burton finally bought a house there for himself and gave Elizabeth Taylor, his sweetheart, the one just next door. 

Both residences were connected by the famous crossing, and now Casa Kimberly is home to the Iguana, one of the top restaurants in the city. Soak in the gorgeous ocean views and delectable fare from one of downtown Puerto Vallarta’s most renowned locations, which serves modern Mexican cuisine in a gorgeous outdoor environment.

Café des Artistes is conveniently next to the Iguana. Additionally, this is among the top restaurants in town for delectable cuisine and a fantastic atmosphere. Be sure to reserve an area in the patio if you want to feel sophisticated yet casual. The setting is incredibly gorgeous with the immaculate white tables, rich vegetation, dazzling lights, along with live music.

Take a foodie tour.

The most wonderful way to experience Mexican cuisine is by taking a culinary tour. Mexican cuisine is so delectable and varied that it has been added to UNESCO’s list of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity. Throughout the journey, there will be multiple stops where you may sample local food from different regions of Mexico. 

During the Original Downtown Tour, a 3-hour culinary excursion offered by Vallarta Food Tours, you’ll stop at 8 different restaurants frequented by locals in order to sample real Mexican food and discover the country’s history.

Barhop in the downtown bars of Puerto Vallarta

Additionally, there is a thriving nightlife in downtown Puerto Vallarta, with the biggest clubs in the region situated along the Malecon right next to the ocean. Multiple levels, beach vistas, and other amenities are available at locations like Mandala and Zoo to keep the party going. Get there early for free access and take advantage of the space as spots tend to fill up quickly even if admittance rates steadily rise over the night.

When nightclubs are not your thing, there are a number of alternative locations close by that are well regarded. The popular downtown cocktail bar El Colibr is well-known for its delectable beverages and cosy ambiance. On the weekends, DJs take the stage at Colibr, making it a fantastic place to listen to music, chat with friends, and dance. 

Yambak Puerto Vallarta is one of the top breweries in the area and it just recently debuted. You are going to have a terrific time at Yambak, which is on Abasolo Street. Yambak’s three trendy and contemporary floors serve delectable pizza and craft beer.

Visit the Downtown Puerto Vallarta Church

Puerto Vallarta has such a rich historical past. The magnificent Church of Our Lady of Guadalupe, also known as La Parroquia de Nuestra Seora de Guadalupe, is undoubtedly a sight to behold, as you may have seen in photographs. 

It is recognised by its lovely gold helmet that was installed in 1965 and is situated in the heart of Puerto Vallarta, only a block from the main plaza. Father Sabino Virute served as the inspiration for the first chapel, which was constructed in 1883. However, the structure as it is now has undergone various reconstructions or additions throughout the past century. 

Tours to Puerto Vallarta

Visitors may reserve a variety of thrilling trips and outdoor activities from the downtown area of Puerto Vallarta and the Los Muertos Pier in Zona Romantica. Enjoy scuba diving near Los Arcos, go snorkelling at the Marietas Islands and Hidden Beach, or catch a water taxi to some of Banderas Bay’s more distant beaches.

Buying in Puerto Vallarta’s downtown

Shopping should be at the top of your bucket list if you’re seeking for things to do in Puerto Vallarta’s downtown. Many distinctive stores selling everything from apparel to craft items and souvenirs may be found downtown. The Isla Cuale Flea Market is a must-see. Simply take Calle Juárez south, past the Cuale River that runs throughout the centre of the city, and turn left into Agustn Rodrguez Street. 

When going on a shopping binge, you may eat a meal or a little snack at the two-story indoor market with food stands that is located on the second floor of the building. On the north side of the river banks, there are also quite a few vendors. The combination of you may buy a variety of things, including pottery, jewellery, Huichol art, and apparel. Excluding on Saturdays, when it shuts at 8:00 p.m., the Cuale Island Flea Market is open daily from 9:00 a.m. to 9:00 p.m.

Attend an instruction course on manufacturing candy

Discover regarding the manufacturing of cacao plus the history of the cacao tree by attending the Total Chocolate Experience Workshop at the ChocoMuseo in the city centre. By using ground cacao beans, you may create your own chocolate beverages and truffles. The 3-hour programme is presented Monday through Saturday at 10:30 am and 2:30 pm.

Observe the sunset

Take a romantic stroll along the Malecon to see the sunset if you’re travelling with a partner. In this instance, you may see stunning sunsets when the sky becomes blood-red just before the sun appears to dive into the water. Another choice is to go to the beach bar El Barracuda and have a drink while watching this incredible show of colour from the beach.

Purchase Some Whipped Cream

Getting a scoop of ice cream comes in last on our list of the top things to do in downtown Puerto Vallarta. On hot days, this will help you stay cool. Along the Malecon, at 128 Morelos Street, is a place called Lix that provides handmade ice cream. Everyday from 9:00 am to 10:00 night, it is accessible. Belgian fudge brownie, passionfruit sorbet, berry cheesecake, or one of their delectable choco bananas are just a few of the flavour options available.

It’s about time to start making travel arrangements now that you know what to do in Puerto Vallarta’s downtown! You are guaranteed to have a nice time whatever you choose to do thanks to the wonderful weather, spectacular beaches, the verdant Sierra Madre mountains, the fantastic restaurants and bars, and the breathtaking sunsets.

Experience Downtown Puerto Vallarta’s Culture and Beauty.

Puerto Vallarta is hardly a sleepy vacation town—from the promenade to the marina, pier, and all the nooks and crannies in between. Alternately, it has all the top facilities you would anticipate from a high-end hotel chain while also being packed with memorable experiences, memorable people, and life-enriching surprises. Plan your trip to Puerto Vallarta right away and experience the best of all worlds in this stunning tropical haven.


Overall, downtown Puerto Vallarta is a pleasant area to visit since it has a dynamic ambiance, a safe and clean environment, and a lot of well-liked attractions. Downtown Puerto Vallarta has plenty to offer for everyone, whether you want to take in the city’s cultural history, relax on the beach, or experience the local nightlife. It is no surprise that Puerto Vallarta is one of the most well-liked travel destinations in Mexico given the kind and friendly population, breathtaking beauty, and rich cultural legacy of the region.