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When is the Best Time to Visit Thailand?

The best time to visit Thailand is between late November and early April when there are little downpour and loads of sun, yet the temperature is cooler. For swimming and sunbathing on Thailand’s best seashores, January to April is perfect; for visits and touring, the greatest months are December, January, and February. The vast majority of Thailand encounters a blustery season from July to October.

When is the best time to go to Thailand?

Thailand is an incredible all year goal, however, the best climate is generally among November and April. The atmosphere shifts between the east and the west coast. September welcomes the heaviest precipitation on the west coast, while the east coast gets its most noteworthy precipitation in November. Summer is from April to June, and the blustery season is from July to October in a large portion of Thailand.

Best Time to Visit Thailand for Good Weather:

Being a tropical nation, Thailand is warm as the year progressed, with winters having normal highs of 26-28ºC, and summers, 32-40ºC. The north and west have their blustery season from June to October and the east from November to March. The best climate is normally found in December, January, and February.

Best Time to Book Hotels for Thailand:

The Best Hotels in Thailand get booked early – particularly for the Chinese New Year, Kin Jay (veggie lover) celebration, and the long periods of December and January. Attempt to save rooms at any rate 2-3 months ahead of time for the top season, and around 1-2 months ahead of time for the low and shoulder seasons.

Best Time for Surfing:

The best time for surfing in Thailand relies upon whether one is intending to go toward the east coast or the west. Surfing is particularly extraordinary for learners and long guests as the waves are littler (around 3-10 feet). April to October is an extraordinary time to surf on the west coast, and October to December on the east coast. Be that as it may, numerous islands have an exceptionally shallow beachfront reef in places, which can be perilous beneath mid-tide.

Best Time for Snorkeling and Swimming:

Great swimming and swimming are conceivable all year in Thailand, aside from on days when there are tempests during the blustery season. November to April is most likely the best time to visit Thailand, particularly around the islands in the Andaman ocean.

Best Time for Whale and Dolphin Watching:

The Gulf of Thailand on the east coast is the place whales for the most part well. Bryde’s whales approach Bangkok’s shores among September and December to benefit from the plenteous anchovies. Irrawaddy (waterway) dolphins with adjusted temples can likewise be seen sprinkling in the Chao Phraya stream as of now.

Best Time for Fishing:

One can angle in Thailand as the year progressed, with various fish gnawing at various occasions around the huge coastline and of the islands. Angling in the stormy season is perfect. Thailand is particularly known for its freshwater fish. Aside from the basic types of fish, local species, for example, Giant Mekong Catfish, Barramundi, Siamese Carp, and Giant Snakehead are well known. Angling spots go from angling parks to uncommon retreats, lakes, lakes, dams, and streams.

Best Time for Discounts:

Booking early and getting mid-week flights would get the best limits. For the most part, the best rates for flights and lodgings are during the blustery season. Walk to May, September, and October, for the most part, discover extraordinary rates. The yearly fantastic deals in the uber shopping centers run from mid-June to mid-August, which is really a bustling travel season.

Best Time for Avoiding Crowds:

The calmest months for visitors are April, May, September, and October. Late August is likewise genuinely calm aside from European explorers.

Best Time for a Destination Wedding:

With its tropical seashores and bright climate, Thailand is an extraordinary all year wedding goal, aside from during the pinnacle stormy season. Downpours will in general miss the mark blasts that rapidly evaporate at the outset and the finish of the rainstorm. November to February is the best time to visit Thailand get hitched on the west coast, and June to September on the east coast.

When To Visit Thailand.

The Best Time to Visit Bangkok.

Bangkok is an incredible city worth visiting all year, with the exception of in September and October, when the downpours are heaviest. In any case, November to February is an incredible time to visit as the downpours have subsided and the climate is cooler (normal max temperature extends between 27°C to 29°C). Visiting in the stormy season is a smart thought to get incredible arrangements on lodgings and getting a charge out of the numerous indoor exercises that the city brings to the table, in the event that it is pouring outside.

The yearly “Astounding Grand Sale” is held from mid-June to mid-August, and customers can discover unfathomable arrangements, including limits up to 80%, on garments, hardware, gems, and that’s just the beginning. April to June are the city’s most sweltering months, and July and August are the wettest; the two time frames seeing more slender groups and lower airfare and convenience rates. The high season agrees with New Year’s Day just as the Chinese New Year. The 9-day Kin Jay (Vegetarian) celebration in September/October is likewise extremely famous when all of Thailand watches the Chinese purifying celebration, and a few slows down and eateries set up yellow banners to report their investment by serving just veggie lover nourishment.

The Best Time to Visit Phuket.

The best time to visit Phuket is from November to April when the climate is cool. And perfect for seashore and water exercises. Phuket’s day by day highs run from the 31°C to 34°C all year. Hotter in the late spring and cooler in the winter, yet just somewhat. May through October is the rainstorm season. With inns offering astounding rates, however, the water can be risky now and again. When the climate is turbulent, particularly on the west coast. The east coast is moderately more settled as the year progressed. December through March is high season, with greatest inhabitance and rates. The low season tumbles from May through October, when mugginess is truly elevated, prompting low room rates. September to December is the best time to get whales in the Gulf of Thailand, off Phuket’s east coast.

Best Time to Visit Chiang Mai.

The pinnacle traveler season in Chiang Mai is from December to January, so the months previously, then after the fact, for example, November and February, are the greatest months to visit the slope station to appreciate the climate and keep away from the groups. The cool and charming climate is supplemented by light breezes during these four months. Which is ideal for a wide range of open-air exercises. Temperatures extend somewhere in the range of 10°C and 30°C during winter.

Chiang Mai has three seasons: summer (March to May), rainstorm (June to October), and winter (November to February). Temperatures can go up to 40°C in the late spring, and it gets hot and moist. The storm months are somewhat cooler, and the short eruptions of overwhelming downpours can give a cool break. Nonetheless, the slim groups and the newly washed lavish green vegetation make it a charming time to visit. Chiang Mai wakes up during Thai celebrations, and particularly during the Flower Festival (first end of the week in February), Songkran (mid-April), and Loi Krathong (ordinarily in November).

Best Time to Visit Krabi

Krabi is situated in southern Thailand and offers excellent common magnificence—national parks, virgin seashores, islands that must be reached by vessel, and moderately less business the travel industry. November to March is the best time to visit Krabi. With the rainstorm simply finished and the mid-year going to set in. Temperatures extend between 22°C to 32°C. In contrast to the remainder of Thailand, Krabi has an increasingly tropical atmosphere that can be portrayed as dry (December to April) or blustery (May to November), with the most elevated precipitation happening in September and October.

Contrasted with most places in Thailand, summers are not excessively sweltering in Krabi, with the most noteworthy normal temperature only from time to time crossing 32°C. Going in the stormy season can either be a dampener with overwhelming showers, or one can luck out and have a bright day with modest costs and a whole island to themselves. November to April is likewise the perfect time for water-sports like breeze surfing, kite surfing, and wake-loading up, while scuba plunging, swimming, and swimming can be delighted in as the year progressed, at whatever point the waters are quiet.

Thailand Travel Seasons

  • High Season (November-April): Late November to early April is Thailand’s high season, particularly around the Christmas, New Year, and Chinese New Year occasions. Flights and lodgings are typically the most costly at that point. Inns normally have stricter remain, store, and wiping out approaches around these occasions. It is ideal to plan and book right on time for movement in the pinnacle season.
  • Shoulder Season (April-May and September-October): The two shoulder season periods are an incredible time to visit Thailand when the storm is either simply setting in or leaving, and the temperature isn’t exceptionally hot. Costs are lower, and seashores and attractions are less packed. The intermittent short or overwhelming shower will cool the temperature, however. The water will be forbidden if there is a tempest. It’s additionally an incredible time to go surfing or jumping on the west bank of Thailand.
  • Low Season (May to September): Summer in Thailand is extremely sweltering and muggy (temperatures can go up to 45°C), yet it’s as yet an extraordinary time to appreciate the tremendous determination of indoor exercises the nation brings to the table. During the blustery season, it can rain for all intents and purposes each day. And evenings can get practically painful in the mid-year. The blustery climate can likewise hamper plunging, surfing, and other water exercises. Be that as it may, it’s exceptionally modest to go during this time, appointments should be possible a minute ago. And one can even arrange costs at the inn upon appearance. The vacant seashores and open attractions permit sightseers to have an all the more lackadaisical excursion.

Thailand Weather by Month

Temperatures in tropical Thailand are warm throughout the entire year. The stormy season changes in various pieces of Thailand. The northeastern blustery season is from November to April, and the southwestern, from May to October. Brief and light showers happen routinely all over. Southern Thailand gets the most downpour, the northernmost point gets the least. And the best time to visit Thailand focal Thailand, including Bangkok, is typically the most sultry.

Thailand Weather in January:

January is one of the not many cool a long time in Thailand, with temperatures floating between the low 20s (ºC) and low 30s (ºC) in many spots, and Chiang Mai is the coldest with a base temperature of 10-15ºC. Downpour is rare. This is the top Christmas season in the nation, and everything is full. A light sweater or coat is fitting in the nights. (Normal water temperature 28ºC.)

Thailand Weather in February:

The normal temperatures in February are like January, around 22-32ºC. The odds of downpour in the north increment while they subside in the south. The climate is magnificent in the southeast and southwest Thailand, with loads of daylight and temperatures in the mid-20s. (Normal water temperature 28ºC.)

Thailand Weather in March:

March is the antecedent to summer in Thailand, and temperatures begin rising quickly. It is likewise the start of the shoulder season, particularly on the islands, so swarms begin dispersing. It’s exceptionally dry, and extraordinary time to scuba plunge off the west coast. (Normal temperature 26-31ºC, however, it can go up to 35ºC in the daytime. Normal water temperature 29ºC.)

Thailand Weather in April:

Hot and harsh because of the high stickiness. The south and east coast could be somewhat cooler. And intermittent showers on the west coast as the storm draws near. (Normal temperature 29-34ºC, however, can go over 35ºC in a few spots. Normal water temperature 30ºC.)

Thailand Weather in May:

May can be somewhat cooler, yet similarly as harsh, and solid eruptions of downpour increment stickiness radically. Groups are flimsy notwithstanding a lot of splendid, bright days. Northern and eastern Thailand is practically dry. (Normal temperature 28-34ºC, yet can go over 35ºC in a few spots. Normal water temperature 30ºC.)

Thailand Weather in June:

The rainstorm covers nearly the whole nation, with a high possibility of a downpour on the west coast. Climate is in any case like May’s. (Normal temperature 28-34ºC, yet can go over 34ºC in a few spots. Normal water temperature 30ºC.)

Thailand Weather in July:

Rains are heavier and the temperature plunges somewhat, with the west coast getting a greater number of showers than the east. (Normal temperature 33ºC. Normal water temperature 29ºC.)

Thailand Weather in August:

North and west Thailand get their most elevated precipitation, while the east coast is moderately bright and dry in August. Dampness levels are genuinely high. (Normal temperature 32ºC. Normal water temperature 29ºC.)

Thailand Weather in September:

Beach conditions are poor all through the nation because of substantial downpours and blustery oceans. Obviously, swarms are slim, and lodging can be leased at a take. (Normal temperature 32ºC. Normal water temperature 29ºC.)

Thailand Weather in October:

Rains and moistness levels begin diminishing, and northern Thailand begins feeling the cool effect of the beginning of winter. The south is still moderately hot and moist. (Normal temperature 30ºC. Normal water temperature 29ºC.)

Thailand Weather in November:

Eastern islands like Koh Samui and Koh Pha Ngan have their wettest month, yet the remainder of the nation is essentially dry and lovely. This is likewise the beginning of the pinnacle travel season in Thailand. (Normal temperature 30ºC. Normal water temperature 29ºC.)

Thailand Weather in December:

December is perhaps the greatest month best time to visit Thailand, as downpours are least and days are radiant and wonderful. The southeast encounters precipitation, yet the west coast is perfect in this period. A light sweater may be fitting in the nights in the north. (Normal temperature 30ºC. Normal water temperature 28ºC.)