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Where is Belize? Top Fun Facts about Belize

Thinking about different worth visiting places in the world Belize’s name has often come into your mind. What is Belize? Where is Belize? What is famous for? You will find answers to these whole were, why, and what in this article.

Where is Belize?

Belize is a jeweled crown sculpted by English people in middle northern America between Mexico and Guatemala. Primarily, it is a tropical area which attracts tourist due to its natural beauty. Lush green farms, dense forests, coral beaches, lush rainfalls, archeological wonders, and ancient historical places all appeal to an increasing number of visitors every year.

Apart from all that the real asset of this worth visiting land is its Belizean people who are famous all around the world because of their friendly nature and grand hospitality.

Things you need to know before visiting Belize

Before going somewhere or doing something we need to know some basic information about that. Similarly, before starting your journey to Belize you must keep the following things in your mind.

  •   English is an official Language: Though Spanish is widely spoken here ye English is the official language because of its historical roots. So if you can speak and understand  English it is pretty easy for you to converse with people over there.
  • Caya is expensive: Generally, Belize offers two options to stay there for visitors. The first one is Rainforest (Jungle Experience) and the second one is Caya (a small island) but the latter option will be harder for your budget. Therefore, it is best avoided.
  •   Payment method: Both US $ and BZ$ are acceptable here. Remember 2 US$ are equal to 1BZ$. Most companies, hotels, and markets ask for a credit card that charges tax. Make it sure to convert all your currency into BZ dollars. You can find this facility anywhere in the town.
  •  Criminal environment: population rate is low and the crime rate is high here. Travelers should be careful during their stay over there. Most of the crimes belong to drug trafficking and gang violence. Furthermore, Pickpockets and scam of group tours also create troubles for tourists. Visitors and best advised finding complete gaudiness’ before going there.
  •   Scam Groups: Be aware of the scam of tour groups. Several people offer different packages with the same prices.
  • Weather condition: Several weather changes occur in Belize There is Rainy season from May to November and the Hurricane period lasts till November. This time does not suit to your trip.
  • Water Taxi: This is a popular fun way to travel around the country. The easiest and assessable place to pick up a water taxi is Sugar Terminal in Belize City.
  •   Scuba Diving: Another way of entertainment that meets your pocket. Usually, these dives cost US$35.


Top Tourists Attractions in Belize

Belize is enriching with stunning natural beauty. Diving, Fishing, and snorkeling are wonderful adventures here. The land is covered with dense forests with wild animals like howling jaguars and monkeys. In addition to this huge pine trees add its charming beauty. In a layman language, Belize is a tropical paradise.  Some of the worth seeing places of Belize are enlisted below:


Ambergris Caye

The top-notch tourists’ attraction in Belize and one of Belize’s 200 largest places. The prominent site of this place in San PedroGolf carts and bicycles are common means of transport here. Furthermore, it is also a central point of ancient Mayan Culture.

Lighthouse Roof Atoll and the Blue Hole

Surrounded by six Cayes with glazing white sand beaches, this is the most striking place for lovers of nature. Due to its natural beauty and appealing posture, it lists in UNESCO world heritage.

San Ignacio

This archeological site is located with the bank of Macal River. Its bewitching beauty attracts tourists’ attention and urges them to explore the history of the Caya District. Here, two more famous archeological spots reside; Xunantunich and El Pilar. The vast track of nature has prevailed in surrounding ruin and forests. Two Mayan ancient caves Che Chem Ha Cave and ActunTunichil Muknal Cave also catch visitors’ attraction. These caves are the cultural asset of old Mayan skeletons and potter vessels.

Belize City

The historical overview reveals that once it was a Mayan fishing village but after havocs caused by Hurricanes, it turned into a commercial center. Today Belize City is a crowded bustling harbor and country’s central industrious point. Museum in Belize shares detailed information about the history and culture of the city.

Moreover, Belize Bridge is a fascinating place that assembles the northern and southern boundaries of the city. Belize Zoo is another interesting spot where native creatures including Jaguars, Tapirs, Toucans, and howling monkeys.

Altun Ha Archeological Site

An important trading and archeological spot surrounded by 13 temples and two main plazas. Undoubtedly, Altun Ha is one of the Belizean prominent ruins. Its uniqueness is Jade Head; a carved mask of the Mayan Sun God. It is 48 km away from Belize City.

Lamanai Archeological Reserve

A thrilling point for adventure seekers. It is beautified in abundant jungles with a riverside of New River. These Mayan ruins share over and above 900 structures including a museum along with displays of pottery, jade jewelry, and other Mayan culture remaining.


Good Food, Good Health

Belizean cuisines are tasty. Food items are a product of an improbable collaboration of Belizean vegetables, planted herbs, and rich fruits. Youngers as well as old like these foods. You are encouraged to taste this Belizean food.

  • Belizean Tamale: One of the most typical Belizean foods. Generally, it is prepared with corn dough, chicken pork, and beef. A combination of cull, as well as spices, enhances its taste. It is wrapped in Banana leaves.
  • Hudnut:   Belize is a tropical land. Due to its mostly foods are prepared with hubs vegetables and fruits. Hudnut is another famous food that is made from half ripened mashed plantains with a delightful mixture of Bananas and coconut milk.
  • Creole Bread: Belizean food experience is incomplete without Creol Bread, a portion of tasty food prepared in coconut milk. It is a traditional food cooked or baked in a pot on fire in the yard.
  • Rice and Beans: A fine mixture of boiled kidney beans and small-sized meet pieces along with Belizean spices and rice cooked on a gentle flame. The Aroma will let you to water mouth.

Bottom Line

To sum up, Belize is among the worlds ‘significant visiting spots. It holds a significant position due to its unique cultural heritage, tropical geography, thrilling adventures, and appealing beauty of Mayan Ruins. Everything has its pros and cons so does Belize have. But you can enjoy your tour under proper guidelines and a competitive budget.