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What are the Top 10 best Places of Singapore to Visit?


Singapore as a country is so tiny that there are several cities in the world that are larger than the whole of Singapore itself. But despite this and limited population and natural resources, Singapore has turned out to be a global destination in every front. Be it in employment, or education or tourism, or places of Singapore to visit, Singapore is one of the contenders for being the most conducive nation for any and every aspect globally.

Not many years ago Singapore was a country diminutive in both its size and stature. It was one of the least developed countries with no scope in the foreseeable future. But what had happened after that is a remarkable turnaround for this country. It had grown leaps and bounds in the past few decades, so much so that it is much better than several other countries that were in a much better position than Singapore was in earlier times.

All these associate with Singapore’s governance and things that make Singapore. Here is the list of top 10 famous things in Singapore which makes it the global destination it is today.


1. Cleanliness

Whenever you talk about Singapore, this is what primarily pops up in the mind of the majority of the people. Singapore is known for its remarkable cleanliness maintained throughout the country. This isn’t just restricted to the private spaces, but also the roads and other public places. Singapore has strict laws and regulations for waste disposal, and anyone offending it will be lashed with heavy fines. There are over 50,000 people employed to keep the streets clean.

2. Greenery throughout the city

Finding a speck of greenery in top global cities these days is a very difficult task. But imagine a global city with towering skyscrapers and malls and also lush green cover alongside it, throughout the country? That is what Singapore is about. Singapore is also known as the Garden City, and it is aptly called so because of the conscious effort of the government and its citizens to increase the green cover proportionally to the increase of buildings and population.

3. Marina Bay Skyline

You think of Paris, the Eiffel Tower comes to your mind. Likewise, you think of Singapore, the Marina Bay Skyline comes to your mind. Marina Bay Skyline has long been associated as the monument icon of Singapore, and it is commonly found in many of the pictures clicked in Singapore.  The splendid view at night, along with the buildings and lights surrounding the Bay Sands is truly a sight to behold, and no wonder it is one of the most visited places in Singapore.

4.Ban on chewing gum

This may come as a surprise, but chewing gum is banned in Singapore. This law is implemented back in 1992. This is because the disposal of chewing gum turned out to be a notorious issue thus leading to a lack of cleanliness and public hygiene. There is a severe fine for people who violate this.

5. Strong laws and regulations

Singapore is what it is today because of its strict rules and regulations. It may sound weird to some and may seem too harsh to some, but no matter what, the rules and regulations have ensured that Singapore has become a global city and top-rated country in no time. Some of the major laws are the ban on chewing gum, waste disposal, no smoking in public places, no eating/drinking in MRTs, vandalism, etc.

6. Shopping

For shoppers, Singapore is nothing less than a paradise. There are so many shopping malls to choose from, especially in the Orchard road, so much so that you will be facing a problem of too many to choose from too little time in your Singapore tour. Right from local markets to humongous shopping malls housing famous brands of the world, Singapore has got everyone covered.

7. Changi Airport

Singapore Changi Airport has been consistently ranked as one of the best airports in the world for several years in the past decade. The experience and enjoyment of a Singapore tour start right from its airport. A swimming pool, free cinema, flower gardens, and many such more offerings to the tourists make it a very enticing place to roam about.

8. Cheap street food

Generally, Singapore is considered as an expensive destination. But many people tend to ignore or remain oblivious to the fact that Singapore has amazing street food at a very cheap price. If you can brave the humidity, then Singapore’s streets have the best food to offer to you. So much so that few of the street food stalls have managed to garner Michelin stars!

9. Singapore climate

Singapore’s climate is hot and humid in most parts of the year. And there is no severe torrential rainfall or snowfall to disrupt day to day activities. This ensures Singapore is a destination you can visit throughout the year and isn’t restricted just to a few months.

10. Pressed pennies

Singapore pressed pennies are something unique about Singapore and that is something you can carry back home as a souvenir. You can choose to make your own pressed penny of your choice at several top highlights spots across the city.



Singapore is well and truly a global destination, and it is no wonder why millions of people want to visit Garden City every year. Travel experts of travel companies like Pickyourtrail, Travel triangle will ensure you get the best Singapore itineraries through their Singapore tour packages, Places of Singapore to Visit curated exclusively according to your own interests. Pack your bag to embark on your dream vacation!