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Discover the Best Korean Bangs Styles for a Chic Look!

Korean bangs because it first appeared just a few months ago, the Korean bangs wave has unquestionably rocked the world, and we can be sure it isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Particularly Korean fringe have caught the eye of many women due to how feminine and fashionable they appear. You’ve come to the perfect spot if you’re searching for a new hairstyle or are motivated by the hairdo of your favourite Korean celebs but aren’t ready to wait in queue for a haircut just yet. Continue reading to discover the many kinds of Korean fringe and how to cut these lovely fringe with ease.

Air smacks-Korean bangs

Kim So Hyun and IU were featured

You would be aware of the well-known Korean bangs air fringe even if you are not a fan of the Korean wave. Air fringe, often referred to as see-through fringe, are a brief fringe that terminates in between your top lashes and eyebrows. Air fringe, in contrast to thick and neat fringe, let your forehead show through and don’t seem confining. These Korean fringe aid in giving your face a slimmer, younger- looking appearance by adding a subtle, natural contour.

Air fringe, a form of Korean bangs hairstyle, can be challenging to manage outside since they are quickly blown out of shape. Compared to females with average or dry skin, girls with oily skin may also find that their air fringe lose volume more quickly. Are you unsure whether air fringe are right for you? Take heart. Air fringe have a lot of different uses. If you wish to go fringeless, tuck it beneath the rest of your hair or sweep it to the side to create a side fringe.


How to stop air booms in Korea: 

Step 1: Decide where you want your fringe to start, then part your hair in that direction.

Step 2: Collect the hair strands that protrude from your brows. These will eventually make up the bulk of your air fringe.

Step 3: Trim the fringe to the length you choose (in between your top lashes and brows). Then, using point cutting technique, hold your Brainbow Cutting Scissors (available on Party Garden) vertically and make vertical cuts.

Step 4: Divide the remaining hair into sections to create side fringe. Imagine a diagonal line extending from your jawbone to the bridge of your nose.

Cut along the fictitious diagonal line to produce sloping side fringe that serve to conceal broad jawlines and give the appearance of a thinner face in step 5. When you’re finished, divide your fringe into two parts, leaving a thin layer of fringe on your forehead to create airy, natural fringe.

Step 6: To impart your air fringes volume that will stay all day, curl them for two minutes with a USB Heated Hair Roller (available on Fenteer1)!

Erratic fringe-Korean bangs

TaeYeon and Luna were pictured. If you want to take a few years off your age, opt with these Korean fringe! Choppy fringe, one of the most distinctive Korean bangs fringe styles, are making a comeback. Women with smaller, rounder facial shapes should wear this hairdo. Your eyes will be highlighted, and you’ll seem childish as a result.

There are several variants of choppy fringe for various aesthetics. For a high fashion, elegant look, cut them straight and thick. Choose slanted, choppy fringe for a daring, hipster look! Make your choppy fringe curly to seem charming and feminine. 

Alternately, thin out the Korean bangs fringe (making them choppy fringe plus air fringe) for a more elegant and refined appearance.

How to trim Korean fringe: 

Step 1: Choose where you want your fringe to start and separate your hair in that direction.

Step 2: Start reducing your fringe by making vertical cuts while holding the scissors vertically. Your choppy fringe should be cut short at the end, falling between your brows and the middle of your forehead.

Step 3: Trim the fringe to a uniform dimension, and there you have it.

Bangs for baby hair

Kim Da Mi and Tzuyu were featured on (twice)

Do you desire to resemble a cute baby. Apparently, a lot of Korean women do. The popularity of baby hair fringe since the end of 2017 can be attributed to this. It’s rather easy to cut these various Korean bang styles, if you’re wondering how. This haircut uses your baby hair to assist frame your face rather than a real fringe.

The M-shaped forehead or people who are balding along their hairline benefit greatly from this style of Korean fringe. Baby hair fringe are a good way for women who are aware of these traits to hide and conceal. 

How to trim fringe from Korean baby hair:

Step 1: Backcomb your entire head as though you were about to tie a ponytail.

Step 2: Part your hair at a 45-degree tilt to the right, starting in the middle of your forehead. Utilise a rat tail comb for simpler management. Continue on the left.

Step 3: Begin by grabbing a tiny portion of hair (approximately 3 cm wide) off the side of your head, starting from where your brows are. Your baby hair fringe will be made up of these hairs. Cut the hair in small strokes using the ANLAN Eyebrow Razor (available on the ANLAN Official Store) to create progressive length that will curve your face. Repetition on each side.

Step 4: Add more bounce to your baby hair fringe by styling them using the Pritech Miniature Hair Curler, which is sold on the Pritech Beauty Health Store Official Store. 

Curly hair

Heard on: Song Hye Kyo, who is Korean, and Gong Soo Ah, a model for 3CE.

Tired of your fringe being flat and straight? Why not give your Korean bangs fringe a perm by using one of the best hair curlers, such as the Philips StyleCare Curler (available on the Philips Certified Store)? Curly fringe are a terrific method to hide a large pimple on your nose or a broad forehead. This kind of Korean fringe also gives your face depth, giving you a charming youth!

Create long, curling fringe that frame your face like Song Hye Kyo to give off a feminine image. Alternately, combine curly and air fringe for a wispy, dolly appearance similar to Gong Soo Ah.

How to trim curly fringe from Korea: 

Step 1: Heat up your curling iron, then separate your fringe whichever you choose.

Step 2: Take a 3 cm-wide piece of fringe in your hands. Curl your fringe inwards (towards you) with the curling iron to achieve bouncy curls.

Step 3: Mould the hair into any style you choose while it is still hot. Stretch it to produce loose waves or crush it for longer-lasting, tighter curls. Steps 2 and 3 should be repeated for the remaining fringe.

Step 4: Complete the appearance by also curling your face’s side hair. They assist to slim you down and frame your face! Curl fingers inward for better impact.

Step 5: The next step is to separate the curls and arrange them how you like. To keep the curls in place and make sure they last all day, use hair spray.

Long dreads

Seo Hyun and Park Min Young were pictured.

Girls with wide or short facial shapes should use this hairdo. Long fringe typically cover the entire eye area and perhaps even the corners of the lips. Therefore, having long fringe can help to lengthen and narrow the face. 

This is one of the Korean fringe styles that you don’t need to worry about cutting since Korean long fringe are one of the easiest. For females who wish to rock Korean fringe without the bother, long fringe also require less upkeep than shorter fringe, making them a perfect fuss-free haircut.

How to trim lengthy fringe in Korean: 

For females without a fringe:

Step 1; Your hair in front starting in the middle of your head. Your fringe will be made out of this hair.

Step 2: You can separate your fringe across the middle or entirely to one side, according on your desire.

Step 3: Trim your fringe at a 45-degree angle if it’s too long so that the strands farthest from your face are longer than those nearest to it.

Girls with shorter fringe should:

Step 1: Use a rat tail comb to split your hair (including your fringe) into a 6:4 ratio to produce long, side-swept Korean fringe. Your fringe ought to be covered by the rest of your hair.

Step 2: Decide which side you want your fringe to be on. Before your ears, divide the hair into sections; these will become your long fringe.

Step 3: Visualise a line running from the corners of your mouth to the top of your jaw. Cut your lengthy fringe at a 45-degree angle to your jaw for a softer appearance by gradually lengthening them.

Step 4: Generate waves in that long, side-swept Korean fringe using the CkeyiN 2 in 1 Curler Iron (available on the CkeyiN Official Store).

Bangs on curtains 

Kang HanNa and TaeYeon were seen.

You might be puzzled about the sort of Korean bang to select given the variety available. Start with the curtain fringe if possible! Curtain bangs mimic the form of the Chinese character for eight (), with a centre part and bangs that fall around the side of your face. This creates a slimming appearance and frames your face!

In addition to air fringe, Korean celebrities also frequently sport this elegant kind of fringe. If you want to make this look more young, you may wear it short like Kang HanNa!

How to trim fringe from Korean curtains: 

Step 1: Comb your hair forward to form a parting and decide how much of it will be your fringe. To create a centre part, divide this section of hair in half.

Step 2: Using two fingers, grab one side of your fringe and pull it to the corner of your eyes or to the length you choose. Pulling this section of hair across to the other side.

Step 3: Cut your locks at a 45-degree angle so that the strands on your forehead are the shortest using a pair of Brainbow Thinning Scissors (available on the Brainbow Beauty Tools Shop).

Step 4: Comb your hair out and, if required, give it another cut. As an the other side of your fringe, follow steps 2 to 3 again.

Step 5: To give extra volume to your curtain fringe for this style of Korean haircut, curl the shorter portion of them using a hair curler!

Extensive side fringe

(Girl’s Day) Seen on: Yuri and Hyeri

Do you frequently wear your hair up? You will look great with this fashionable Korean side fringe! This hairstyle, sometimes referred to as the “Goddess fringe,” surrounds your face with its curls. After being seen on several celebs, Korean side fringe have been popular since the middle of 2019. One of the most popular K-pop hairstyles right now is undoubtedly this unique kind of Korean fringe!

Korean side fringe are always feminine since they are noticeable even when your hair is pulled back. For the goddess style that many Korean females desire, curl your side fringe! 

How to trim side fringe in Korea: 

First, divide the length of hair that will become your fringe into sections. Grab the hair between your brows, and trim it so that the length ends just below your nose.

Step 2: Hold a tiny section of the fringe from each sides forward while bringing them together in the centre. Cut with your scissors in a horizontal position so that the length extends just slightly past your lips.

Step 3: Combing out the remaining fringe and trim them to chin length.

Step 4: in half in step four. Take hold of the hair on one side, and drag it to the other. The longest strands of your fringe should be cut at a 45-degree angle so they are away from your face. For the other side, repeat this procedure.

Step 5: You might notice a few uncut hairs along your sideline. The length of the longest fringe on both sides should be used to trim these hair parts.

Step 6: Finish off your style by using hair rollers to create volume! Use a large hair roller (found on happylifes.sg) to curl the majority of your bangs, and a little hair roller (in step 5) to curl the side hair. 

Bonus advice: Cut your hair shorter in each phase to give off a sweeter appearance! Step 1’s first haircut should leave the first section of hair between your eyebrows and your eyes. Continue with the next stages, making sure the gradient in the fringe is at a 45-degree angle for a softer appearance. Similar to what Yuri did earlier, this has the appearance of both side fringe and air fringe! 

Heavy, angular fringe

Lisa and Choi SooYoung were featured.

The traditional broad, blunt fringe are now again in style! Blinks will be aware that Lisa from Blackpink has been rocking this kind of Korean bangs hair for a very long time, and it does wonders to draw attention to her doll-like features.

The greatest fringe for you would be thicker ones if your hair is naturally straight and thick. This is because those with naturally wavy hair will need to maintain thick fringe more frequently. This particular style of Korean fringe works well on faces that are oval in form; you won’t have any trouble pulling it off. You can still rock if your face is round.

This haircut works by giving the middle of the fringe an upward curve to lengthen your face. This look is especially appropriate for people who have high or wide foreheads since it helps to focus on the eyes instead of the face.

How to trim thick, blunt fringe like a Korean:

Step 1: Make a centre part in your hair and separate the length of hair that will become your fringe. You’ll need to divide off more hair to achieve this Korean fringe. Measure four fingers from the beginning of your hairline using your fingers as a guide.

Step 2: Check to see that there is an equal distribution of hair on each side of your hairline. With your index and middle fingers, grab the section of hair that hangs in the middle of your nose, and twist it. The bottom of your finger should be sliced using a pair of scissors. 

Step 3: Apply the point cutting technique to remove the sharp edge of the fringe. Trim your fringe across with scissors held at an angle. 

Step 4: Pin up half of your fringe to divide it into two halves. Curl your fringe inwards using a round brush and a hair dryer. With the other side of the fringe, repeat this procedure.   

Step 5: Cut your fringe to the length you choose. To frame your face, remove a little section of hair from either side of your head and cut it to the length of your chin.

Love your new haircut with Korean fringe that are in style.

For a novel change, try any of these various Korean hairstyles. Practise makes perfect when it comes to cutting your own fringe! Utilise styling products like hair straighteners to work your magic. Are you feeling daring? Choose the hair colour that complements your skin tone and tint your hair at home. For stunning, healthy locks, don’t forget to take care of your hair with some of the greatest hair tonics!

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